Wake ‘n’ Country

So I have just got back from Wake ‘n’ Country in Toulouse, France! It was my first big event in a while so it was cool to see everyone again who I haven’t seen in ages!! The weather out there was around 30 degrees every day, so I have come back uber tanned… The event was ok. It was a very different set up as they were trying out a new format where you jam for 15 mins and they score you out of 20 in 5 different areas – 3 of these areass being sliders. So it was more of a rail comp to be honest, and I thought it was a straight up cable comp…

On the second day out there I became ill with flu; I had a head ache a terrible cough and couldn’t really leave my bed… So I missed out on two days training which sucked a whole bunch of ass! I went out and rode in my heat on Saturday which was me Marc Shuster, a Russian dude and a Frenchie. I rode ok though I fell off a few sliders early and stacked a roll to blind which goes to prove you can stack on anything as I haven’t stacked one of those in about 7 years!! I didn’t end up going through which was a bit of a pity but the season is but young..

Other than not going through in the comp, it was really good to see everyone that I haven’t seen in years and just hang out with the crew!! I played a bit of crazy golf with Rossi and played poker with Bonifay, Rossi, Shuster, Reeder and the peeps!! So all in all it was good to be back on the scene and riding with everyone again. Looking forward to getting a bit of boat time in, ready for Wakestock.

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Touch down

Last week Rossi arrived back in the UK, before heading to France for some contests!! The new Syndicate magazine took me, him and Jonty out for a photo session last Wednesday. We headed to the Quays to start with, for a quick shred on the System 2.0. We busted a few air tricks and hit the box for the camera then busted to Thorpe. We arrived at Thorpe and got straight out there and tore it up for an hour or two, it was siiick..

My new Blueprint flex board arrived while I was out riding on Monday, I couldn’t wait to get out and shred it; go get my press on! You get me? The weather made it too tempting to resist taking her on her maiden voyage, even though I was beat from riding so much… My hands were red raw. But it felt gooood. Such a sick board.. Got to get yourself one of those bad boys..

I arrived in Toulouse, France on Tuesday morning. I’m here to compete in Wake n’ Country this weekend. I was picked up around ten by a sound guy named Damien who runs the cable hosting the event. We waited for Dominic Gurrs to arrive and headed to the lake. When we got there I was stoked to see a glass lake with some awesome rails, a rad looking fun box, two kickers, a long flat rail, and a roof top. It’s an awesome cable because it’s super tight the whole way round as it’s got six corners. It’s around forty degrees out here and the water is 25… Lush. I’ve been shredding with Rossi and the crew. Me and Marc Shuster have been busting doubles quite a lot – mad fun. That dude is one funny guy!

Keep an eye out here, I’ll be posting daily blogs on the event.


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So I have been getting dialed in with my new boards over the last week and have been loving them! Been hitting up doubles with Danny boy (Dan Nott), sicko times. You can’t beat going doubles with your buddy, one of the best things about wakeboarding.

I went to see my sports psychologist Amanda over the weekend which is always really interesting and helpful. Any doubts or worries I have regarding anything, she helps me out with. She gives me different ways to deal with situations and knock backs, she breaks things down and just gets to the root of a problem and has a solution for it.

I have started playing a little golf lately. It’s sick fun even if you suck balls at it like me!! I lost 4 balls off of one tee which was awesome: straight over the motorway… But then some shots I play are friggin pucka. Damn hard sport to be consistantly good at but heaps of fun. It’s just nice to get out in the open with friends and have a stroll whilst cracking a few balls about.

Went to my girlfriend’s mum’s birthday party over the weekend and this squirrel kept on spying on us over the fence… (see below) Funny little bugger.

Mr Rossiter gets in tomozza, so looking forward to shredding it up with him a piece.

One love

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Tooth fairy..

My new CTRL boards arrived last week; so stoked (I’ll have some pics up next week). I’m riding the RX and the Hustle to start. It’s rad to have a couple of super fast boards that perform the way I want them to!  I’ve been riding with Jonty Green and Dan Nott, which has been fun as I haven’t rode with those boys for a while. It was good to spend a bit of time out on the water with them again; you progress a lot faster when you’re riding with guys that push you. So riding is going well and I’m looking forward to getting dialed in on my new boards and learning some new things.

I also did a bit of coaching for kids club at JB Ski on Saturday morning which went really well. Did a bit of dock coaching and hit up a couple of doubles with the grommies, so I think they were stoked!!

I hate the dentist and I had to go today and get a tooth pulled out which wasn’t too pleasant as they had a bit of a struggle.. I’ve never had an injection in my mouth before and the numb feeling lasts around four hours and starts to get real frigging irritating after around an hour… Dentists suck.

I’ve started gardening..

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Kids Coaching at JBSki

Hey everyone,

I’m taking part in the kids coaching club at Thorpe tomorrow from 9 – 11am. So if you’re a nipper and want learn some new tricks come on down.

Peace out.

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Love Jam

Hey All, so I have had quite an eventful weekend! First off, we had the British team talent spotting event on Saturday morning at JBSki, which went really well; everyone was shredding. The best part about it was that everyone got to shred the new fun box, which went in on Friday. When you first pull in to the car park and take a look at it you think to yourself “Wow there’s a house in the lake” as it’s uber tonk… So it’s a little daunting when you start your first approach to it, but once you have hit it a few times it’s fine and you can have a ball with it.

Then we headed over to Love Jam at Liquid Leisure, which was a real good event and had a great turn out. In the qualifying I rode really well feeling strong and sticking some nice shizz! In the final few minutes of the heat, I smashed the kicker at a fair pace and snapped my board… Whoopsie. For the final I borrowed a CTRL RX, which is the board I’m going to be riding from now on. Unfortunately I wasn’t used to the board as besides the tests I’ve done, this was the first time I rode it. I literally just jumped straight on it for the finals, so didn’t have much time to dial in.

On the first lap, I went to edge for a 90210 and the binding bolt fell off and my foot twisted upon edging… GREAT. I let go and borrowed another bolt knowing that the whole time I was doing this the other boys were racking up points. But I got back out there with my confidence slightly altered but adrenaline still charging and got straight back into it. I nailed a few good tricks although slightly sloppy due to the pressure of knowing I had to stick everything now. My last trick was a switch back mobe 5 which I underpopped and stacked, which was a bit gutting as I stuck one clean as, the day before.

After everything I ended up coming in 2nd, which was still a nice result, Jonty Green took 3rd and Gary Stelfox took the gold.

All in all a good weekend. Now I’m looking forward to getting dialed in on my RX and learning some new bombs…


Photos by Neale Adams

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Lakeside Open Day

Want to get super fit in an upbeat welcoming gym? With amazing surroundings to view as you work out? Lakeside is the place to sign up for a membership! Not only do you have the awesome views and a wicked gym but you have the professional help and support of Shannon, who is an expert at motivating you to stay fit.

Lakeside is having an open day this Saturday in conjunction with Love Jam at Liquid Leisure. Shannon will be doing training sessions with me, Nick Davies, James Young and water skier Freddie Winter. You can come and watch what we get up to, or join in with a session if you’re feeling brave..!

So get your chubby arse down there and work on it…

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