H2O Wakeparade

Over the last couple of weeks I have been listening to a lot of music, David Bowie, Deftones,Throwdown, Aveneged sevenfold, Muse and wolfmother to name a few… also started playing my guitar a little again though I suck and could really do with a new one! Working on a few new tricks lately nothing crazy but definately different.

I’ve also been cranking on with the gym, me and Shannon have been mixing it up a bit between sessions to keep things fresh which I’m loving.

Went to Austria a couple of weeks back for the H2O Wakeparade which was probably one of the best events I’ve been to in the last decade! The riders were so well looked after it was unreal… We got flown out there, pimped out with sick rooms, and fed and watered. The comp was on a system 2.0 with a rail hit a kicker hit and a rail hit and you got scored out of ten from each… Great system.

I was pitted against my roomie Marc Shuster which was a pain in the arse as he rips and we are good buddies. It was also head to head so we knew one of us was going out! I had a good rail hit, good air trick, but on the kicker was going for a toe back 7 but only span 5 which I was a bit bummed about and Marc ended up going through one point ahead of me. He had a sick run so I wasn’t really that annoyed to not go through!

Dominic Ghurrs shredded his face off throwing double to blinds with an indy on the way down wirly 5’s and some nice rail hits leaving him with the gold medal! My good buddy Matty Hasler taking second with some big old steezy riding, Method S to blind (which requires a late handle pass) – so it’s blinking hard. Massive thanks to Daniel Fetzy for setting up the event it was a blast and everyone had an absolute ball.




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  1. Rouge 1 says:

    Bowie is the key

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