Red Bull Harbour Reach

I went to Lyme Reeges in Dorset last weekend for the Red Bull Harbour Reach contest which was a blast!! We arrived really late, at around 1am the night before the contest. Lyme Reeges is full of massive hills and at 1am there are no cars on the roads so I decided to take advantage… I got skatey out the boot and proceeded to bomb down hills street luge style, Picked up enough speed!!! Gooood times.

The contest was held in the harbour and involved a few rails and a couple of kickers set up to gap over the 9 metre wide wall! It was the first contest I’ve been to where everyone was cacking it before we rode! But as soon as the first person cleared it easy everyone relaxed a little. The approach to the kicker was glassy but on the otherside of the wall it was open to the ocean so there was a bit of swell meaning you either landed down a wave or on top of one, On both of my hits I bucled on landing therefore losing 30 percent of my score meaning I didnt make the final.. But it was a really fun event which pushed the boundaries in wakeboarding!!

Congratulations to Sam Carne for winning and his brother Johnny who busted a massive 540 over the wall (props).

I’m heading to Austria in the morning for the H2O wake parade which is an invitational for fifteen riders from fifteen different countys competing on a system 2.0. I love Austria, it’s an amazing country so I’m really looking forward to busting over there and shredding and seeing old faces.

Stay tuned

Picture from Syndicate Magazine Online


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