Cable Nationals 2011

Had the nationals last weekend at WMSki in Cirencester. The weather was stunning and the water was super flat (winner!)

The qualifying went real good for me; I nailed a run that put me straight through to the finals which I was super stoked with as having to go into the L.C.Q. is never fun. I started out with a heelside 720 off the kicker followed by a switch kgb before the corner a pete rose and a switch back mobe!!

In the finals I rode ok but could have rode better as I buggered up the rails a bit in my first run and they were scoring 60% of your run based on rails. In my second run I stacked on a shifty front to blind… Bummer! So I ended up coming 5th which was ok seeing as I didn’t ride as good as I wanted. Gary Stelfox had a friigin sick run with a front mobe crow mobe and a heel 7 which was super smooth, but ended up coming 6th… Dec Clifford threw down an amazing run with a mobe 5 to 313 which was somewhat dirty!! He ended up taking the win… Props. Overall it was a good comp with a lot of good riding.

This weekend I’m going to Dorset for the Red Bull Harbour reach contest which I’m really looking forward to! it should be off the chain…

He is Legend (The Seduction) Never heard it?? Well listen to it.



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