Wakestock 2011

Last weekend was Wakestock, the biggest event of the UK calender and what a weekend it was… I had to rock up two days early to get the rail qualifying out of the way – slightly long, but Jonty Green happily drove me up, which I was very thankful for. I got the qualifying out the way and went through, job done.

Everyone else rocked up on the Thursday when me and a few crew were practicing on the boat, which was a tad cold and windy but fun all the same. Thursday was the day that we all moved into the festival site and everything really kicked off for Wakestock 2011. Me, Jonts, Pete Chell, Tom Haley, Irish and a bunch of others all pitched our tents, then proceeded to the main festival tent to throw down some shapes – quite possibly the best way to start the whole weekend. We didn’t leave the floor for around five hours… SIICK FUN.

Friday was the boat qualifying and it was the windiest conditions I’ve ever rode in… Craaazy rough.com!! When you have a rail that looks like a sky scraper as you’re approaching it and you’re riding in a foot of chop at the same time it can be kind of arse twitching, but in the end I hit the rail, had  a stand up run and went through.

For the rest of the weekend we had epic sunshine; it was perfect: the marina flattened off, the campsite stayed dry and everyone had a ball.

The riding for me for the rest of the weekend, went ok… In the boat semi finals I had Shawn Watson, Sam Carne and Jonty Green in my heat, which was tough. Shawn Watson went out before me and stacked twice so I threw down a safe run to try and stand up; with a few grabs, some big shizz, a few spins, rode the rail a nice distance and just crashed my last trick. But Shawn ended up going through!! I was a little bummed, but that’s wakeboarding. A young Irish guy named David O’Caoimh ended up winning the finals with an absolute banger of a run, starting out with a front mobe and throwing down through out; epic riding.

The rail event was rad fun with super skinny metal rails with big ollie on, which were fairly gnarly… Me and I rish got to test it out first which was a lot of fun. I made it through to the semis but failed to make the final! I still had a lot of fun riding it though, as it was the first pool gap I’ve ever rode other than the little one at FISE a couple of years ago.

All in all, Wakestock was a blast this year and everyone just seemed to be on the same vibe which is what made it such a good year, The riding, the music, the rides, it was all bomb!

I recommend anyone going next year to get yourself a piglet box from the spit roast…



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