Into the Wild

So I was watching deal or no deal the other day, as you do, and the guy had £1000 and £75,000 left at the end… he got offered 42 grand and no dealed.. Ended up with a grand.. Nutt job. Also watched the movie ‘Into The Wild,’ which I thought was absolutely awesome. It’s about a super intelligent guy who cuts up all of his credit cards, donates all his savings of $20,000 to Oxfam and travels about living off the land, he eventually ends up in Alaska, staying in an abandoned bus he found.. I really liked the way he didn’t have anything but he still got by with just his wits; and how people took a liking to him just for him and his aura!!!

My riding has been going good lately and I’ve been having a lot of fun out there. I have learnt a couple of new tricks which I’m stoked with! Which shows that if you’re having fun you ride better. Also, my aussie mate Petey has just got into the country which means another head to ride with, which is always good. Yesterday me, Petey, Paul Molinaro and Richie Hiney were all out there shredding at the same time, loving it. It’s so much fun riding with a crew, you get so much more amped up! Good times!

Now, Wales is calling..


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One Response to Into the Wild

  1. Gavzilla says:

    One of the best movies on the go

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