Photos, Footage and Festivals

The last week has involved a few cool photo shoots and a bit of filming! Me and Gary Stelfox went head to head in the rail clash for Alliance, which was awesome fun. We basically had 3 hits each on the roof top rail at Thorpe and we had a hand held camera filming each other, with someone filming from the bank also. It has just gone live on the Alliance website and you the public get to vote who had the best three hits! So be sure to jump online and get your votes in!
Then a couple of days ago I had another shoot for Syndicate magazine as they are doing an interview with me for the next issue… First off I rode the boat at LDB ski school at 7am which was siiiick, as I haven’t rode that wake yet and it’s real big and super clean. We then headed over to the cable and smashed that up for an hour or so and I think we ended up getting some nice snaps. So get yourself a copy of the next Syndicate magazine and check out my interview peeps.
Overall my riding is going good at the moment, just trying to stay busy with it and keep things fresh by moving from one thing to the other… One week concentrating on grabs then I’ll smash rails for a while and then go bust huge for a while.
The next big event is Wakestock which I have been absent from for a while so I’m really looking forward to getting back into that, especially the toy shop which is epic! Not forgetting the bangin breakfasts in Phwelli. But of course the main event is what I’m really getting geared up for.
Another event which I’m stoked to have been invited to is the H2O Wake Parade in Austria in august which is 16 riders from 15 countries with a 15,000 Euro prize pool! Gonna be dope.
One time.
Photo by Sim Bradley/

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