The Spray, The Turn, The Speed..


I have been riding a bunch these last couple of weeks. I’ve been really feeling the water lately, macking around the corner and powersliding but really feeling the powerslide and everything that comes with it: the spray, the turn, the speed. Getting back to the roots of what it’s all about I guess. Working on busting a lot of “feel good” based moves, like long solid grabs with slow individual pokes at abnormal times where you wouldn’t usually see them… An unconventional expression of state of mind, as such…

Been doing a few new exercises in the gym with Shannon, which has been nice as it’s different… Like doing push ups with a fairly heavy weight on my back; a bit awkward at times but a real good burn with it. I’m only in the gym three times a week now, which gives me a lot more time out on the water, which is great and my body is strong enough to deal with a lot more riding from all the gym work over the last couple of months.

I have a nice vegetable patch in my garden at the moment, which I have been tending to a lot… Just got about eight tomato plants of different variety, six corn, one chilli and two strawberrys. It’s quite theraputic getting really involved with the soil. I spent a couple of hours sivving the earth, making sure it was real fine!! Will be good when it’s all ready to eat.

Life is a little tough at the moment with no work! I’ve been applying all over, but nothing seems to come of it… It sucks. So if anyone knows of anything going, it would be much appreciated.

Photo by Neale Adams


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