Wake ‘n’ Country

So I have just got back from Wake ‘n’ Country in Toulouse, France! It was my first big event in a while so it was cool to see everyone again who I haven’t seen in ages!! The weather out there was around 30 degrees every day, so I have come back uber tanned… The event was ok. It was a very different set up as they were trying out a new format where you jam for 15 mins and they score you out of 20 in 5 different areas – 3 of these areass being sliders. So it was more of a rail comp to be honest, and I thought it was a straight up cable comp…

On the second day out there I became ill with flu; I had a head ache a terrible cough and couldn’t really leave my bed… So I missed out on two days training which sucked a whole bunch of ass! I went out and rode in my heat on Saturday which was me Marc Shuster, a Russian dude and a Frenchie. I rode ok though I fell off a few sliders early and stacked a roll to blind which goes to prove you can stack on anything as I haven’t stacked one of those in about 7 years!! I didn’t end up going through which was a bit of a pity but the season is but young..

Other than not going through in the comp, it was really good to see everyone that I haven’t seen in years and just hang out with the crew!! I played a bit of crazy golf with Rossi and played poker with Bonifay, Rossi, Shuster, Reeder and the peeps!! So all in all it was good to be back on the scene and riding with everyone again. Looking forward to getting a bit of boat time in, ready for Wakestock.


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