Touch down

Last week Rossi arrived back in the UK, before heading to France for some contests!! The new Syndicate magazine took me, him and Jonty out for a photo session last Wednesday. We headed to the Quays to start with, for a quick shred on the System 2.0. We busted a few air tricks and hit the box for the camera then busted to Thorpe. We arrived at Thorpe and got straight out there and tore it up for an hour or two, it was siiick..

My new Blueprint flex board arrived while I was out riding on Monday, I couldn’t wait to get out and shred it; go get my press on! You get me? The weather made it too tempting to resist taking her on her maiden voyage, even though I was beat from riding so much… My hands were red raw. But it felt gooood. Such a sick board.. Got to get yourself one of those bad boys..

I arrived in Toulouse, France on Tuesday morning. I’m here to compete in Wake n’ Country this weekend. I was picked up around ten by a sound guy named Damien who runs the cable hosting the event. We waited for Dominic Gurrs to arrive and headed to the lake. When we got there I was stoked to see a glass lake with some awesome rails, a rad looking fun box, two kickers, a long flat rail, and a roof top. It’s an awesome cable because it’s super tight the whole way round as it’s got six corners. It’s around forty degrees out here and the water is 25… Lush. I’ve been shredding with Rossi and the crew. Me and Marc Shuster have been busting doubles quite a lot – mad fun. That dude is one funny guy!

Keep an eye out here, I’ll be posting daily blogs on the event.



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