So I have been getting dialed in with my new boards over the last week and have been loving them! Been hitting up doubles with Danny boy (Dan Nott), sicko times. You can’t beat going doubles with your buddy, one of the best things about wakeboarding.

I went to see my sports psychologist Amanda over the weekend which is always really interesting and helpful. Any doubts or worries I have regarding anything, she helps me out with. She gives me different ways to deal with situations and knock backs, she breaks things down and just gets to the root of a problem and has a solution for it.

I have started playing a little golf lately. It’s sick fun even if you suck balls at it like me!! I lost 4 balls off of one tee which was awesome: straight over the motorway… But then some shots I play are friggin pucka. Damn hard sport to be consistantly good at but heaps of fun. It’s just nice to get out in the open with friends and have a stroll whilst cracking a few balls about.

Went to my girlfriend’s mum’s birthday party over the weekend and this squirrel kept on spying on us over the fence… (see below) Funny little bugger.

Mr Rossiter gets in tomozza, so looking forward to shredding it up with him a piece.

One love


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