Tooth fairy..

My new CTRL boards arrived last week; so stoked (I’ll have some pics up next week). I’m riding the RX and the Hustle to start. It’s rad to have a couple of super fast boards that perform the way I want them to!  I’ve been riding with Jonty Green and Dan Nott, which has been fun as I haven’t rode with those boys for a while. It was good to spend a bit of time out on the water with them again; you progress a lot faster when you’re riding with guys that push you. So riding is going well and I’m looking forward to getting dialed in on my new boards and learning some new things.

I also did a bit of coaching for kids club at JB Ski on Saturday morning which went really well. Did a bit of dock coaching and hit up a couple of doubles with the grommies, so I think they were stoked!!

I hate the dentist and I had to go today and get a tooth pulled out which wasn’t too pleasant as they had a bit of a struggle.. I’ve never had an injection in my mouth before and the numb feeling lasts around four hours and starts to get real frigging irritating after around an hour… Dentists suck.

I’ve started gardening..


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