Love Jam

Hey All, so I have had quite an eventful weekend! First off, we had the British team talent spotting event on Saturday morning at JBSki, which went really well; everyone was shredding. The best part about it was that everyone got to shred the new fun box, which went in on Friday. When you first pull in to the car park and take a look at it you think to yourself “Wow there’s a house in the lake” as it’s uber tonk… So it’s a little daunting when you start your first approach to it, but once you have hit it a few times it’s fine and you can have a ball with it.

Then we headed over to Love Jam at Liquid Leisure, which was a real good event and had a great turn out. In the qualifying I rode really well feeling strong and sticking some nice shizz! In the final few minutes of the heat, I smashed the kicker at a fair pace and snapped my board… Whoopsie. For the final I borrowed a CTRL RX, which is the board I’m going to be riding from now on. Unfortunately I wasn’t used to the board as besides the tests I’ve done, this was the first time I rode it. I literally just jumped straight on it for the finals, so didn’t have much time to dial in.

On the first lap, I went to edge for a 90210 and the binding bolt fell off and my foot twisted upon edging… GREAT. I let go and borrowed another bolt knowing that the whole time I was doing this the other boys were racking up points. But I got back out there with my confidence slightly altered but adrenaline still charging and got straight back into it. I nailed a few good tricks although slightly sloppy due to the pressure of knowing I had to stick everything now. My last trick was a switch back mobe 5 which I underpopped and stacked, which was a bit gutting as I stuck one clean as, the day before.

After everything I ended up coming in 2nd, which was still a nice result, Jonty Green took 3rd and Gary Stelfox took the gold.

All in all a good weekend. Now I’m looking forward to getting dialed in on my RX and learning some new bombs…


Photos by Neale Adams


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