CTRL Yourself!

I’m hella stoked to announce that I have just signed with CTRL boards!! These boards are the sickest, most innovative boards I have ever rode… Fact. When I tested the boards out for the first time it took one lap and I was loving them: you can bust huuuge. As soon as you sink that edge in and get your lean on, you realise the difference, they hold a super deep edge.

CTRL boards are designed for cable, which is why they hold such an awesome edge. The RX in particular feels tight on the cable. And the fins are made of the surface material the whole way through, so you can hit and grind rails all you like and they’ll just slowly wear down over time, you won’t ever expose the fibres, making it a super durable board. If you’re a boat rider, I wouldn’t be put off by the cable angle, I reckon these boards will feel great on boat as well. Particularly The Hustle, which has fins you can adjust to your liking. I’m currently waiting for my boards to arrive – I can’t wait until they do, so I can go have a shred – these boards are most definitely something out of the ordinary.

I’m a big fan of the graphics too; they’re nice and simple with not too much going on.

CTRL have got a great team, with the likes of Keith Lidberg, Lior Sopher, Matty Hasler and James Young to name a few. I’m so stoked to be a part of it!

In other news, I’ve just started seeing a sports psych, a woman called Amanda Owens who looks after Olympic skiers, pro tennis players and cricket players to name a few. Sports psych is something different – something I never thought I would be doing. But it is very interesting and I think that she could be a big help in the future, especially with keeping the demons at bay!

Looking forward to Love Jam on Saturday…

On it.


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