The Season Ahead: in Wake and Zombies..

I had my first comp of the year over the weekend: Spring Jam at Milton Keynes. It was a great contest and lots of fun. There was a load of good riding; Gary Stelfox was charging hard!! He did a MASSIVE hinterburger 5 which was rugged as; I love the way he does that trick. Dec Clifford was stomping some sick shizz too and going equally big. He tried a KGB 5 in the final and came real close – props for the effort Dec and congratulations for taking home 1st place! Good job mate.

I rode pretty well in the qualifying round, sticking a fair few nice tricks; enough to get me through to the finals. Then in the finals, I went all or nothing and blasted the first trick in both runs, trying a method crow mobe 5 off the kicker. I ended up stacking both and coming away with the ‘nothing’ part of the bargain. Disappointing, but I’m not at full strength yet.

In fact, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the way I rode on Saturday and I’m going to make some changes for the next comp, which is Love Jam at Liquid, in two weeks. It’s great that the season is finally underway. It feels real good to be back competing. Thanks to Wake MK for a cracking start.

In other news.. I started watching The Walking Dead over the weekend: it’s awesome. Bare zombies on the munch up. I think I may have to wait until the 1st season comes out on DVD though, waiting a whole week to see the next episode is a long up..

Looking forward to the season ahead – in wake and zombies..


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