The last week has been a total joy out on the water. It seems we have been blessed with some unusually hot weather for this time of year, which I have deffo been making the most of. On one of the days I even rode without a wetsuit – although I did end up regretting that decision I hasten to admit..

The sun definitely changes the way you ride; it makes things a lot easier. And such a good buzz down at Liquid, with everyone mixing it up, riding and chilling, you can’t beat a bit of sun. In saying that, call me weird, but I’m a huge fan of a dark miserable, rainy day too… Love riding in the sun, love riding in the rain: I was made for riding in the UK!

I had my first one-to-one lesson on Sunday, which went really well. It reminded me of how I was when I was learning; seeing the stoke in someone’s eyes when they get that bit closer to nailing a new trick.

I also started phase two of my training in the gym at Lakeside with Neil Shannon. Fairly brutal I must say, but it was a good burn and it’s all for a good cause so you just have to crack on with the pain..

Got a delivery from Vans last week..!! Nice to have some fresh tees and kicks to stroll in…

Shorts weather soon…

Some pics from training at Lakeside and riding Liquid at the weekend, taken by Holly McGlynn.


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