Three Days Rest: Old vids and DVDs

Liquid Leisure has finally opened up full time; I’m uber friggin stoked. It’s sooo good to be able to ride at the home cable again. That cable is the tits, there’s nowhere quite like it. I’m feeling stronger every time I ride, which is great and edging seems easier each time too. And the water is slowly warming up – I’ve been rocking a summer shortie so I’d know, and for sure – we’re getting there slowly… Won’t be long till we’re bare backing.

I start my one-on-one coaching at Liquid this week. I’ll be going doubles: talking through tricks side-by-side and demonstrating techniques for ultimate fast learning. If anyone’s interested, message me on this facebook page.

I’m currently on my three days rest between phase one and two of my training plan, which means I’m doing nothing but resting my aching muscles in preparation for phase two. I’ve been cotched on the couch watching a bunch of DVDs, which I’m not complaining about, as I love a good movie as much as the next geek. I watched Black Swan the other day, which is pretty dark and twisted, I rather enjoyed it! I was also looking through some old boarding vids and dug out some nice ones, check them out below. The one of me and Dan brought back some really good memories of an awesome trip to Spain. Gotta say I’m looking forward to doing more travelling this year.

Phase two commences on Wednesday, which means upping the weights, and hopefully beefing out a piece, which will lead to edging like an absolute monster… The agony looms, but I got a nice little delivery in the post from Oakley, so I now have some fresh threads and some spanky new shades, which softens the dread of the upcoming pain; props to the O.

Wish me luck with it peeps



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One Response to Three Days Rest: Old vids and DVDs

  1. Mike says:


    i’m reading your blog weekly..
    you are a legend man and you have got a sick style!

    big props!

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