An Epic Early Season Rip

Over the last week I’ve been getting a bit more riding in, which is sweeeet! I managed to get down to the Quays on Friday and have a shred on the boat. When I rocked up, the lake was flat, the sun was cranking and my favourite driver (Philly boy) was keen to get me out there. That guy makes me laugh without even trying. It’s so nice to have someone drive you who is super pumped on life – such good vibes.

When I got out there I was feeling real good; things felt easy and I wasn’t getting tired. It would seem that all this hard gym work with Shannon is paying off! The last time I rode boat I was knackered after two passes; this time I rode hard the whole set and was still rearing to go. I busted a few things I haven’t attempted in a while and though it took a few attempts, I got one or two nice re-entries. An epic early season rip!

I also managed to get a cheeky little ride in at Thorpe, which was equally epic. It’s so good to go down there and smash up the rails for a piece. The obstacles there are mad sick. I can’t wait for them to get the new fun box up and running in the water. That thing has fun written all over it.

I’m really looking forward to a jam packed season, with a bunch of riding, a bunch of comps and just hanging out with good peeps and moving forward in a sport that my passion grows for daily. My head is in a real good place right now and with the lack of self-poisoning, it can only grow stronger – as will my riding.



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