Dance for running | Metal for riding

On my days off last week, I have to admit, I was feeling frustrated. Lack of money, means lack of riding, as Liquid Leisure is still closed (bring on April 1st..) It’s been getting me down a bit, as riding is how I let off steam. Also, being so shagged from the gym sessions means I have no motivation to do anything else. I wake up, eat, do a big gym session, go home, apply for jobs, eat, watch TV, eat, eat, eat, sleep.. Wake up, then do it all over again.

This week has been better though, the gym sessions have been getting easier. I’m busting more reps each time, so I’m getting stronger. And I can walk this week, which has to be a good sign! I’m even enjoying the cardio Shannon has me doing. He usually runs next to me and we crank the hell out of Faithless, “I can’t get no sleep,” which takes the pain away. Dance for running, Metal for riding! At least I can vent some frustration through pumping at the gym; I really do feel alive after each session. Talk about endorphin rushes! Now I know what it feels like to be high on life, ha ha…

I’m sitting here, on my day off, thinking about the past week and how hard Shannon has pushed me and it’s really making me appreciate the two days rest I get!!! You wouldn’t think that going to the gym every day would be that hard but I’m not just breezing down, couple of reps and a jog on the treadmill, Shannon’s pushing me like no one has ever pushed me before. I’ve only ever had myself to judge when I’ve had enough. Having someone next to you while you’re busting chin ups, pushing you for five more when you can’t move, is pretty gnar. If you’re looking to get fit this year, I seriously recommend joining Lakeside, it’s a brilliant gym. It’s a real good crowd down there too, so nice to see friendly faces everyday.

I managed to get a ride down Milton Keynes for a cable session on Sunday. Only my second cable ride of the season, it was an awesome way to end my second week of training. The choppy conditions were a bit hard on my poor legs, after last week’s leg session at the gym, but I sucked it up, just glad to be out there. They have a massive rainbow rail at MK now which I haven’t hit before, it was uber fun. Took me a while to bust the whole thing backside, as I kept coming off one side, but I got it in the end. Dec Clifford was riding there too, which was cool. He’s been dealing with a sore rib, so he hasn’t been back on the water long either. All in all, a good day riding. I’m looking forward to getting a lot more of that going on…



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