I have just finished my first week of hardcore training with Neil Shannon at the new Lakeside Gym at Liquid Leisure and I’m struggling to walk!! Every part of my body is aching to the max. Shannon is an amazing trainer, he keeps me focused and determined, getting another 15 reps from me when I think I can’t go on. He has been working the hell out of me and literally breaking my body down. I’m completely exhausted.

For one of the sessions, professional rugby player Kevin McLaughlin came down to Liquid to help me out. That day happened to be the legs strength session. He has legs like tree trunks so I was a bit concerned.. But it was a real good sesh; it really helps to have someone working out with you, pushing you. I’m still in agony, three days later. It literally takes me about five minutes to walk up the stairs (I’ve posted some photos below – you’ll get some idea why..)

The only frustration at the moment is that I can’t ride. Liquid Leisure has had to close for a month and I’m burning to get out on the water but I can’t afford to pay to ride.. I’m in the market for a job, if anyone hears of anything going?

All in all, I’m feeling great, despite the aches, pains and hassles of getting up and down the stairs! I also know that when I do eventually get on the water I’m gonna be like a demon dog, unleashed from the pits of hell. Bring it.

I would like to say a big thanks for all the support and kind messages that everyone’s been sending and to all my true friends who aren’t just there for the messy, out of control Ben..

It’s a long road ahead; I hope you’ll stick with me.

One love.


About Ben Hitch

Pro wakeboarder
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2 Responses to Ouch…

  1. juleshaley says:

    good work Woofpacker!! know you can do it!! xxx

  2. Marco Giordanengo says:

    You go Ben, good to see you getting yourself in top form – will be looking out for you :O)

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