Ben’s back.

Hi, my name is Ben Hitch and I’m a professional wakeboarder. I’ve been wakeboarding for around 14 years now and I’ve won a fair few titles in that time. But I have also made some big mistakes: mistakes that have cost me.

At the start of this year I knew I had more to give, but I’d let partying get in the way of my riding. I had lost good sponsors; hadn’t got the cash to enter comps and I’d burnt bridges with some good people. I had reached a dead end. I decided it was time to straighten out my life and try and make something of my talent. I realised it was now or never.

In the last month I have made some serious changes to my lifestyle and some big commitments, to prove to my supporters and sponsors that I am serious about my sport: clean living, a new diet and hardcore training plan. I’ve been through some tough changes but I feel golden: more awake, more on the ball and damn hungry to shred!!

I start an intense fitness training programme with Neil Shannon at Liquid Leisure gym this week. I’ll keep you posted about how it goes; it sounds seriously painful, but I’m totally amped about it.

My plan this year is to compete at the highest level once more. I want to be uber strong, learn a bunch of new tricks and be the best that I can be. I know what it feels like to be at the top of my game and I know what it feels like to have thrown it all away. I’m determined to be back at the top of wakeboarding in the UK and to be competing on the international stage again.

I’m learning from my mistakes and I want my changes to be an inspiration to other riders and a positive influence on the younger riders coming up.

I know it’s a long road ahead but I’m stoked to have a clear head once again and be back on it.

Giddy up!


About Ben Hitch

Pro wakeboarder
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3 Responses to Ben’s back.

  1. sam buckle says:

    Ben , that is the best thing i have heard in ages. I’ve been there as you know! it is not easy but i know you can do it.

  2. Chris millard says:

    Great news Ben, I believe in you and know you can do it. It will be tough but you’ve got the skill and the talent. Bring on an awesome season brother. Hope to catch up soon.

  3. Noel Rowan says:

    Yer ben that takes some searching to find urself again but hope you can keep on top of things and good luck for the upcoming season wanna see some real shit from you this year shread it bro

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